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Sales Rep

Farron Bevis

Our sales rep, Farron Bevis, builds and maintains great working relationships with insurance agents and CSRs in both Colbert and Lauderdale counties.  Farron is dedicated, has a great personality, and is a pleasure to work with.  

Faster to Your Commercial Water Damage

When a water damage occurred in the field house at Colbert Heights High School, school officials trusted SERVPRO of the Quad Cities to respond quickly and help get the team back to normal operations as soon as possible.  

Fire Damage Cleanup Larimore Home

When the historic Larimore Home sustained fire damage last summer, they reached out to SERVPRO of the Quad Cities for help recovering from the damage to the building.  Our crews worked to clean up damage from the fire.  Unfortunately, a second fire later caused more damage to the home than could be repaired.  

Flooded Basement Cleanup

Allen and Rico work to clean up a basement that sustained flood damage in Muscle Shoals.  Allen and Rico have years of experience with SERVPRO of the Quad Cities; they have the necessary training and knowledge to handle any size water or fire damage.  

Helping in Wisconsin

Why SERVPRO?  Because when one area of the country is hit hard by a freeze event that causes hundreds of frozen pipe related water damages, other SERVPRO franchises from across the country come to help the local SERVPRO franchise.  

Here one of our teams is helping with a water damage after a frozen pipe burst in Wisconsin in January.  

February Flooding in Muscle Shoals

Our owner, Mike Wesson, wades through floodwaters in a Muscle Shoals neighborhood to reach a customer's home and survey the flood damage.  Historic rainfall amounts in February caused flooding throughout Muscle Shoals and Florence.  

Florence Frozen Pipe Above Kitchen

A large piece of drywall hangs from the ceiling of a home in Florence.  The water damage was caused by a frozen pipe in the ceiling.  

See more photos of this job in our Before & After Photos.  

Frozen Pipe Muscle Shoals

A pipe froze and burst in the ceiling of a Muscle Shoals business in January 2014.  If you look closely, you can see how saturated the ceiling tiles were.  The water spread through several rooms.  

Mold Between First & Second Level

Rain leaking through a hole in the roof caused this mold damage.  In less than two weeks, the mold grew quickly and spread throughout several rooms on both the first and second levels of the home.  

Check out the before and after photos of the kitchen for more information on this job. 

Florence Frozen Pipe In Garage

A pipe in the garage ceiling froze in a Florence home last February.  The water damage was caught early by the homeowner and SERVPRO was called out the same day. There was minimal damage to the garage ceiling and the master bathroom which was adjacent to the garage.  

Russellville Water Damage

The dog did it.  

A Russellville homeowner had a fairly large water damage after her dog chewed through the refrigerator water supply line.  The water spread through several rooms on the main level and in the finished basement.  Pictured is the ceiling of a bedroom in the basement.  

Muscle Shoals Basement Mold

A broken water line flooded the basement of a Muscle Shoals home.  SERVPRO was called in a week later by the insurance company.  Mold was found growing on the walls.  

Dryer Fire Damage

A fire started in this utility room when the dryer caught on fire.  Read more about this job and see a before and after of the living room in our before & after photos.

Soot in Bedroom After Dryer Fire

This is the bedroom of the home which had a fire damage caused by the dryer.  There was a heavy layer of soot along the bottom of the walls and the carpet.  

Tuscumbia Office Water Damage

A broken pipe in the break room caused water damage to this business in Tuscumbia.  Pictured is one of several offices in the business.  The carpet is heavily saturated from the water and items stored on the floor are wet.

Muscle Shoals Clothing Store

A roof leak caused water damage to this clothing store in Muscle Shoals.  It started in this upstairs storage room.  Some ceiling tiles had fallen down and several others were damaged and needed to be removed.  

Fire & Water Damage In Bedroom

This is the mess left in a home after water was used to put out the fire.  Ceilings collapsed and insulation fell in several areas throughout the home.  Our first step to clean it up was to remove all of the fallen debris from the insulation.  

Wet Cabinets

This water damage in Muscle Shoals was caused by a leak in the refrigerator water supply line.  The water spread from the kitchen to the living and dining rooms.  The base of the kitchen cabinets was very wet. 

Mold After Water Heater Leak

The water heater leaked and caused water damage in the basement.  The owner first tried to clean up the water damage herself but then contacted SERVPRO.  Our crew discovered mold on the drywall and inside the walls. 

Harvey Flood Cleanup

A large pile of insulation, drywall, baseboards and other debris which our crew bagged and placed by the curb of a Houston home after working to remove flood damaged materials.  

Flood Damage Cleanup

One of our crew members stands in the dining area of a Houston home after a long day of heavy demo to remove flood damaged materials.  Check out our Before/After Photos section to see more pictures of this home.  

Small Water Damage Causes Mold In Crawlspace

A Muscle Shoals home had a leak in the refrigerator water supply line.  There was a small amount of water damage to the kitchen and laundry room.  

See the next photo for the biggest area of damage - the crawlspace.  

Mold In Crawlspace After Water Leak

After a small water damage in the main level of the home, our crew inspected the crawlspace and found this mold and rot damage.  What didn't look like a lot of damage above was much worse below in the crawlspace.  

Library Water Damage

A section of the carpet is soaked in a Sheffield school library.  The water damage was caused by a broken pipe.  The damage was discovered before the water spread further into the library.  

Classroom Water Damage

Water covers the floor of this classroom in a Sheffield school.  This room and more than 20 others were lightly covered in water after a pipe broke in a janitorial closet.  

Kitchen Fire

A cooking fire caused fire and smoke damage to a home in Florence.  The homeowner's insurance company referred this fire damage cleaning claim to us.  There is heavy soot damage to the cabinets and the ceiling.  

Office Water Damage

A leak caused water damage to the office area of this business in Florence.  Our crews extracted the water from the carpet and took moisture readings to ensure the wall area was dry.  Check out our Before/After section for more photos of this job.  

Fire in Public Restroom

Heavy soot covers the once white toilet in one of the stalls of this bathroom at a park in Muscle Shoals.  The entire bathroom was covered in a heavy layer of soot.  

Soot on Bathroom Stalls

Soot covers the walls of the bathroom stalls in both the men's and women's restrooms at a park in Muscle Shoals.  Our crews cleaned both bathrooms top to bottom to remove the soot.  

Mold on Windowsills

The owner of this Tuscumbia home discovered small amounts of mold on her windowsills.  Our crew placed a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity level in the home and an air scrubber to filter mold particles from the air while they cleaned the visible mold on the windowsills. 

Using Air Scrubber on Mold Cleanup Job

Part of our mold remediation process involves using an air scrubber to filter mold particles from the air.  This helps to contain the mold so that it doesn't spread to other rooms.  

Restaurant Water Damage

A malfunction with the fire sprinkler system caused water damage to this Florence restaurant.  SERVPRO arrived to extract the standing water and set dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the carpet in the dining area.  All areas were dry the next day.  

Frozen Pipe in Attic

The ceiling in 3 rooms of this Florence home suffered water damage after a pipe in the attic froze and burst when the Polar Vortex hit the Shoals area in January 2014.  


A Florence home suffered water damage to 3 rooms after a leak in the HVAC drain line in the attic.  Our crew discovered that this room actually had two layers of drywall in the ceiling as they were working to access the wet insulation.  

Hurricane Ivan

This is one of the benefits of being part of the SERVPRO franchise family.  Here are several franchises that all came together to help homes and businesses in the Gulf Shores area after Hurricane Ivan struck and many were left with flood damage.  

Golf Tournament

Our team gathered for a photo before the festivities of the Golf Tournament began.  

(Right to left) George Mink, Chad Ragan, Robert Gaddis, Mike Wesson, Chuck Kowalewski, Farron Bevis, Dennis Euting, Brandon Knott 

Donation to Red Cross

Dennis is handing over the check to the Red Cross Foundation before the annual golf tournament. 

We were able to raise $1,735.00! Thanks to everyone that participated for your support and contributions!

Our Production Team

Our Production Team, the ones who rush in when needed to get the job accomplished. 

They are always ready to use their training and SERVPRO resources to help you when your home or business experiences fire or water damage.  

Office Staff

Our office staff works hard to get the job done.  They are always ready to help and work so well together as a team.  

(From Left to Right) Tiana Magee, Ashley Seibert, Patricia Faulkner, Angella Bailey, and Office Manager Amy Reeves. 

Large Church Water Damage in Decatur, AL

In June of 2014, a large 3 story church in Decatur called us with a water loss that originated on the 3rd floor. We call this a "top down" water loss. SERVPRO has the industry advantage of having a near limitless amount of equipment and available help from our surrounding Franchises. In this instance we had to use three truck pulled dessicant dehumidifiers and hundreds of pieces of smaller equipment (air movers and dehumidifiers) to get this Church back available to open their doors.